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Handyman / Remodeler – James McDonald - Now, Construction Networking Professional

James McDonald has spent a lifetime working with clients in the Fort Collins and Loveland, Colorado areas. Over the years he has spent years of hands-on experience helping others to build their dreams. Now, he his passion is to utilize his expertise to present a high quality network, with other highly recommended constructions professionals, to you.

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Testimonial: RS Fort Collins CO

...I would point out that I have been working with Jim on various construction projects for over ten years; therefore, this letter is not based upon a single or short term project. I will only mention a few...

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Testimonial: Jack

We're happy with the new tile. Thank you! We bought all the bi-fold doors as you instructed and would like you to install them if you can. Please let me know if that's a problem

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Exterior New Build & Remodeling

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Interior New Build & Remodeling

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Heating & Air Conditioning

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Electrical New & Repair Work


There are a lot of reasons to remodel your home. You might be thinking of a project to remodel your kitchen or a complete bathroom remodel.

Here’s a lesson I didn’t learn until later in life. Don’t put off an upgrade to your home just to do it to make it more attractive to sell. You could have had years of enjoyment that add to the quality of your life.

In this economy the main reason for a home remodel is that it’s much cheaper than buying a new home. And if you’ve built up equity it might be prudent to stay put for a while… til things start to even out.

Many homeowners really need some more room. Your family has grown and it may be difficult to move to a larger house.

Well you’ve come to the right place… I want to be your handyman network connection.

– You want a handyman who knows more than one specialty.
– You want someone who is experienced in all phases of remodeling.
– You want a remodeler who has built small projects and large.
– You want a handyman who can do plumbing and electrical.
– You want someone who knows the ins and outs of doing a great tile job.
– You want a contractor who can handle the job and get it done on time.

Woodland Contracting, Jim McDonald, has been working with clients in Fort Collins and Loveland for over 30 years and has many satisfied customers.

Many clients have trusted him to more than one job. Now, you can trust him to recommend only the best companies and contractors to you.

Let’s face it… construction materials are expensive. If you have a figure in mind for a project Woodland Construction Directory can work with you to make your ideas a reality no matter the budget by providing a network of construction professionals to select from.

There are ways to cut the costs of a project without sacrificing quality. If you have a bigger job it may suit the project to be performed in stages. Just take into consideration that each phase causes some disruption of the family.

This disruption can be alleviated if we come up with a plan and follow it. Each project comes with it’s own set of annoyances. The water may need to be turned off for a certain amount of time for instance. Don’t worry Jim has learned to take these things into consideration and work around them through thorough planning. Choose from one of his recommended construction professionals for your project or job.

So do some planning yourself. Look around for ideas. Take photos. Clip photos from magazines. Pick up a few brochures from suppliers.

In the end you will be pleased that you finally decided to turn that project into the vision you have.

Let’s do this together…

Jim McDonald | Woodland Construction Directory